2 Male Guinea pigs (Charlottesville)

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We have loved having these boys but due to unforeseen circumstances we will be having to move houses and they are not allowed at the new place. We are asking $30 each but if you are interested in both, we will reduce to $50. We also have several supplies that we are looking to sell. We plan on making a separate post for these items but if you are interested or in need of these supplies feel free to reach out and ask! We need them gone ASAP !

EggNog - Approximately 6 months old. He likes human interaction and loves to be cuddled with. His favorite foods include carrots, lettuce, bell peppers, and his Timothy Hay. EggNog is very active and loves to play with his toys especially his wooden blocks and sticks. EggNog is also great around other guinea pigs and small dogs. EggNog has a very timid personality at times, however he is overall a great companion.

S'mores - Approximately 6 months old. S'mores enjoys human interaction every now and then but he enjoys his personal space at times. S'mores is not a very picky eater and tends to eat everything you offer him. He is very active in and out of his pen, constantly running around and playing with his brother. Not only does he enjoy all sorts of food, he also enjoys all kinds of toys. He gets along well with dogs and his brother, however if you have or are interested in getting more guinea pigs he requires some more transitioning time. Overall he is a joy to have around!

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