Bresse Chicks and Hatching Eggs - $10 (Hadensville)

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I have a small homestead with a flock of Bresse Chickens; Black, Blue, Gray, Splash and the Original White.

Just started hatching with one incubator this year and will be ramping up with at least 2 more incubators by next spring.

Current batch of 16 eggs should be hatching around 7/6/24 (I had 12 hatch out of the last batch).

Asking $10 per chick with a price break to $9 if you get a full dozen. Hatching eggs are $25 per dozen.

Please see the pics of our stud Rooster Screwball, and our top laying Hen Priscilla below. Happy Farming!

More info about the Bresse Chicken Breed:
The Bresse is a 500 Year old Heritage Breed from the Bresse region of France. The original bird's comb, feathers and legs were Red, White and Blue (the colors of the French flag). The other Bresse color variations we see today came about in the 1800's.

Only introduced into the US in 2011, the Bresse is widely regarded as the best tasting chicken breed in the world. This is achieved partially with their genes but also by feeding them a diet of corn soaked in milk. When fed this high fat diet the Bresse develops a marbled fat in its meat that is very similar to the marbling in Beef. As it is known in France, "The King of Chickens and the Chicken of Kings!"

They are also great laying birds, averaging between 250 and 270 eggs per year. They are cold hardy and great free ranging foragers. They reach harvesting size by 16 weeks with an average weight of 7lb per bird. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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