Puppy for adoption - $50 (Esmont)

Moving, Puppy needs rehoming (Esmont)
Small rehoming fee applies to assure us you have the financial means to see to his training. Mountain Cur / Mountain Feist mix Puppy about 20 weeks old. He’s been with our family for 2 months now, and isn’t starting to bond with us how we’d expect. From the day we brought him home, he’s always been a very nervous and skittish dog that jumps, runs, hides, and/or barks at everything from gravel crunching to someone passing gas to the air conditioner turning on (or even walking near a vent). We’ve given him a lot of patience and love, and worked with him to show him things are okay. We’ve taught him basic obedience commands as best we can, but he’s still terrified of everything and too easily distracted to learn as quickly as he really should. When we had chickens, he would get scared, hide, then start to lunge and try to kill them. His fear is now starting to turn into aggressions towards our kids and other dogs that come nearby. He’s fine playing with the kids and letting them walk him. He’s not done anything to the kids other than growl, bark, and start to lunge thinking he’s protecting his “mother” when they hug their mommy goodnight, but he did try to bite a dog that a neighbor allows to roam freely while we were walking him recently. We’re about to move across country - and he’s scared of rides. He’s scared of a crate, but gets too scared of the outside at night to do his business, so he will piddle everywhere in the house at night (he’s fine during the day with regular walks). He needs a new, loving, smaller family without children that is able to put in the time and money to get him trained and settled. We will not just let him go with anyone - we will watch how you interact with him and how he behaves towards you before we consider letting skippy go . Pictures apon request will not meet you must come to us thanks for your time and consideration skippy has come along is his training we are still working with him

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