Rottweiler looking 4 FURever home - $500 (Louisa)

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I have an 8 month old rehabilitated Rottweiler puppy looking for her FURever home. I adopted her from some people little over a month ago who had gotten her from a breeder at 5 month old and I’m not 100% sure why they couldn’t keep her but she had some issues that needed fixing. She was very very timid and scared of everything. Had no socialization around other dogs or animals or stores. Her coat was very unhealthy( dry, shedding undercoat, dull) and she was scared of everything. She jumped on you, pulled on the leash, and tried to eat anything she could find. She wouldnt play tug or even really engage with you when playing for fear of being corrected. Also, she didn’t know how or was taught to not bark and would only do a low growl. I don’t know about you but I want my dogs to bark when I need to be alerted of something going on!! So I brought her to my farm with my other dogs and worked on giving her structure, socialization and leadership she so needed.

Now, as far as medical. Some issues up front are, she is not fixed and is currently in her first heat cycle. Also, The breeder forgot to remove the back dewclaws and they will need to be surgically removed now due to her age if you want. If you don’t, the nail is curving around towards the pad and needs to be trimmed regularly to keep from becoming ingrown. Usually a vet is willing to combine the two surgeries, spaying and dew claw removal at the same time so she wouldn’t have to be put under multiple times. And last but not least, the breeder inhumanly, docked the tail soo short, she doesn’t really have anything there. It’s barely a nub. She has pretty poor balance because of it but the more training she gets I believe she can gain better balance over time.

Fast forward, she is the perfect rottie for someone looking to do service dog training. I only gave her basic training, so things like sit, down, stay, place, wait, watch, off, out, leave it, easy, heel, here, kennel (to go into kennel). She will need more. And I mean, constant continuous training and structure. So no, I will not let her go to just anybody.
Her coat is like an oil slick now. Very nice ink black and soft like it should be. She barks now, and it’s beautiful. Very nice deep bark when alerting. She is crate trained/potty trained. No accidents since I got her. She plays very well with my other dogs but should not be allowed to just, be around new dogs without supervision. Again, if you don’t already know that, you should keep looking. She does not pull as much on the leash. I started her on a martingale and she now has on a Herm Sprenger pinch collar working great. I work with an experienced trainer so please don’t bother trying to convince me of how I should train dogs. She doesn’t seem to care about cats and is okay around other small animals, but she will chase it if it runs. I don’t let her go anywhere without a leash or long line on her. Her recall is so-so. I haven’t had time to do serious drilling with her. Again, I worked more on getting her more confident and feeling safe and socialized. She gets very excited and will jump around, but has gotten better at jumping on YOU and furniture.

videos are by request. I’m not in any rush to rehome her but she is only getting older and training needs to be increased if she is to be used for service dog. Serious inquiries only. Text with your background and lifestyle and after that, will I respond with more info. If you text me with “is it still available?” I will ignore you and NO, I don’t take anything but cash so scammers stop asking please it’s ridiculous.

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